Lesbian BBW sucks off another girl’s strap-on

BBW curvy lesbian sucks on girlfriend's strap-on

Sadie came home to her girlfriend Gloria with a rock-hard surprise in her pants. It didn’t take much to get Gloria interested in it. She opened up Sadie’s pants and out came a hard strap-on. Gloria licked and sucked it until it dripped and then rubbed her curvy, BBW body all over Sadie. It didn’t take much for both lesbian women to be moaning on the floor…

Kinky lesbians with strap-ons

2 queer lesbians playing with each others' strap-on cocks

Devi and Roxxie are to beautiful lesbians who love cock. This can sometimes pose a problem, considering that neither of them is trans. But it’s not a big problem. Instead, they pull out their big strapons and get to the kinky sex. I love the setting, in a metal warehouse with a concrete floor. But the best part is definitely the pierced, tattooed hot girls playfully biting each others’ nipples and fucking each other with their strap-on cocks…

She-cock in the forest

Shemale Delia posing in the forest

Delia (who you may have seen earlier in her donut outfit) was getting cabin fever. She really needed to get outside and feel the breeze on her tranny body. Naturally, she took her camera along and got some great shots of herself out among the trees near her place in Washington state. She also shows her shiny panties, ladyboy tits and her chick-dick. Don’t miss these great homemade porn shots of a sexy shemale…

Menstrual side of Furry Girl

Furry Girl posing in menstrual porn

Furry Girl is one of my favorite porn models. She’s very sexy. She’s very hairy. She’s daring. And she’s queer. Here, she poses in her beautiful glory in a hot shot of menstrual porn. She is one of the founders of Erotic Red, an awesome site of beautiful women celebrating their menstrual period. One reason I love this shot is that it has a quality of sexual spirituality, with how she looks up, her bloody hand at her breast, as if she’s looking to the divine. She shows that she can be sexy while she’s red…

2 tattooed and muscular gay queers

2 gay queer hunks with tattoos

Meet Cayden Ross, a real hunk of a man who loves to show off his queer sexiness. He’s in a steamy shower, running his hands all over his ribbed and tattooed body. Then his hands get down to his big, thick cock. Watch the sudsy water drip down the curvature of every muscle, making his chiseled features stand out even more.

Then it gets even hotter when Richard Pierce strolls in and the two gay queers work their bodies together, all slick from the hot water. You won’t believe (as Cayden didn’t until now) Richard’s amazing cocksucking skills…

Gay Adonis’ amazing cock

Gay queer man holding his hard cock

Aaron Caine is a very beautiful gay Adonis. His youthful, handsome face and tight, muscular body will instantly win you over. Though he isn’t British, he can do a very good English accent. His cock isn’t too bad either. Like him, it’s a little queer. It curves slightly upward when he’s hard, which he says gives him an advantage with other men. Depending on what angle he’s ramming you at, his dick can get you in all the right places…

Kinky threesome with two strap-ons

Threesome with 2 strap-ons

This is a cool video of 2 women and one cute guy going at it with 3 cocks. Both women donned strap-ons and have anal sex with the guy, along with blowing and ball sucking him. The idea came to him in a dream of being anally filled with 2 chicks with strap-ons. It makes for some very kinky (and acrobatic) strap-on sex…

Queer blonde bisexual nerd bares it outdoors

Nerd blonde woman with glasses shows her ass outdoors

Anna is a hot polyamorous, bisexual nerd who loves to show off her body and her brains. She took it off out in the woods to be as naked and sexual as the animals. She has fun with her boyfriends and girlfriends, showing all in her geeky, queer way. Check out her latest softcore and hardcore nerd pron!

Blonde trans and two guys in sexy threesome

Blonde tranny masturbates with two guys

Watch a blonde, lusty trans masturbate, suck and fuck two guys. She lays in a cool chain hammock as they play with her, fuck and shoot their loads all over. This TGirl takes it all in stride loving every minute of it. You won’t want to miss this sexy threesome as they masturbate and pound this blonde shemale’s asshole…

Unique sexy menstrual porn

Tabitha menstruation with a glass dildo

I’m always on the lookout for unique, queer, alternative porn and one site that I think adventurous people should check out is Erotic Red. Started by Furry Girl, Erotic Red is a very unique site featuring menstruating women in a pornographic, sex-positive way. It is definitely not for everyone and many in the mainstream porn industry call such queer art obscene, but for those who are open to alternative ideas about sexuality, this site is for them. It is a great site demonstrating that women can be hot, sexy and horny every day of the month. Check it out…

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